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Thank you - I'll try that.


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I made a DCP using OpenDCP from a 24 fps video file rendered in Sony Vegas 9e.  Yesterday morning I managed to test it in a movie theatre and it worked. 

The only problem was that the image on the screen was a good deal smaller than I expected - approximately 8' x 6' (or less) on a screen that was about 24' wide.

When I rendered the 2048 x 1152 video to a TIFF sequence in Sony Vegas, there were no options for setting the 16 bit file preference so I suspect it was rendered as 8 bit.  Do you suppose that's why my DCP didn't cover more of the screen? 

The projectionist said the sizing was in the "DCP's instructions".

I have to say that my test DCP, although smaller than expected, really looked great - better than the original video on my computer - and the sound was terrific.  I am really impressed with OpenDCP.

Any suggestions or comments will be greatly appreciated.