Topic: Audio Conversion Failure


My quicktime video has audio in 16 bit PCM at 44100Hz
I converted it to 24 bit PCM at 48000Hz using Audacity, making sure I have two mono tracks (left and right).
When I put these files into the input in OpenDCP and try to create my MXF audio file there is a conversion failure?

Please help!

Re: Audio Conversion Failure

Also, I cannot test it yet because I have not been able to create my audio MXF files, but won't this conversion of the audio cause the video/audio to fall out of sync?

Re: Audio Conversion Failure

You need to make sure Audacity is truly creating 1 channel WAV. Even though you selected Mono, it may be writing 2-channels, with 1 channel silenced.

Re: Audio Conversion Failure

Thank you!

Does anyone know how to make sure "Audacity is truly creating 1 channel WAV."?

I know this is a Open DCP forum, BUT I have asked on the Audacity forum and have yet to receive a reply....

Thanks for the help