Topic: DCP files haven't been recognised by cinema system

I've just sent 3 short adverts as DCP files to an Odeon cinema all on one data DVD - this was how they suggested sending them. However the cinema has said that nothing shows up on their system when they load the DVD (which is recognised).

I'm new to this, so just wanted to ask if there are any suggestions as to whether I should try again on separate DVDs, on memory sticks, or do I need to format the DVD/memory stick in a particular way?

And are the DCP files ok burnt to the the DVD within the folder they are created in, or should the content of the folder be left 'loose' on the DVD, i.e. not in a folder??

Many thanks

Re: DCP files haven't been recognised by cinema system

It really depends on the particular server or TMS as each one has different capabilities. In general the most accepted is a EXT2 formatted drive with the DCP files at the root level. However, most systems will read a FAT32 USB stick without issue, but beware of the max file size with FAT32. Most will also read DCPs from folders, provided all the folders are also at the root level.