Topic: Bmp support ?

OpenDCP works nice with TIFFs, when using BMPs
result frames are slanted...

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I think this occurs will BMP files with alpha channel or certain bit-depths. It should work with 8 or 16-bit BMPs and no alpha channel.

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Hello Terrence,


32-bit RGBA bmp's are correctly converted !

(in XYZ colorspace, allright)


Why DCP uses XYZ colorspace ?

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32-bit = 8bpp, show yes that should work. XYZ is required per the DCI specification.

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of course it is required... but a more deep explaination ?
(maybe a web page or document ?)

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I'm not a color expert, so I don't know the detailed reasons. It has to do with XYZ having a larger gamut than RGB. It allows future flexibility. I'd suggest reading Color and Mastering for Digital Cinema by Glenn Kennel.