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Topic: How to properly label an 1920x1080 HD DCP?

I have a friend with a found-footage horror movie that was mastered at 30fps and 1920x1080 HD. The film festival approved that framerate, but also asked that the DCP be made at the source's original frame size of 1920x1080, rather than pillarboxing it within a Flat 2K frame. Not sure why, but regardless...

My question is how do I note that the image container is 1920x1080 in the OpenDCP title generator? As opposed to 2K (1998x1080)? I looked up the naming conventions for resolution but didn't see anything for HD. just scope and flat 2K and 4K.


Re: How to properly label an 1920x1080 HD DCP?

You will still label it as Flat. Per the DCI specification, you should not add pillar boxes if your image would otherwise be a compliant resolution. In order to be compliant, an image must have one dimension equal to the 2K container and the other equal to or less than the corresponding dimension. The 2K container is 2048x1080, so in the case of HD, the 1080 dimension matches the height and the 1920 is less than the 2048. This allow the projector to automatically center and pillar box the image, so you don't need to. This is what the festival is saying. Furthermore, since your material will fit within the Flat (1998x1080) profile, you can just label it as Flat and it will work.