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Topic: Creating DCP !! HELP

Hello Guys. I have a problem with OpenDCP & frame rate.
My video was shot in 29,97fps and here is my workflow:
- Export to 29,97fps as Master Video
- Import Master video to AE and Create a Comp with 24fps and Use Twixtor (I thought it can fix my problem but no, its even worst). So I just Import Master video to AE and Create Comp with 24fps, change the size to 1998x1080, 16bit, TIFF, Billion color. The duration seem stay the same as 29,97fps. So I keep going.
- Import TIFF file to OpenDCP and Export as JPEG2000 (follow the tutorial of the first video in this forum)
- Import JPEG2000 file and export as MXF video file, and everything start going wrong.
I have preview my MXF file, My Final scene which is at the last minute jump to middle and the middle scene jump to the last minute of the video but the duration still the same.
So the question is:
- Is there any better way to convert the frame rate from 29,97 to 24 fps?
- Is the MXF video went wrong cause by convert frame rate section?
- Any advise since I have the situation like this? (what is the best way to create DCP file from 29,97fps video)

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