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Topic: Video and audio scrambled at random places

Used OpenDCP to create a DCP and followed the instructions to the letter from the tutorial found on Vimeo. The frames of video and audio matched up perfectly and the DCP seemed to generate fine.

The film (about 80 minutes long) plays fine for the first few minutes, then randomly begins to interlace the video image with random frames from elsewhere in the movie.  I have included a view of what it looks like when played. The closeup image of the little boy should not be there. The audio seems fine. This happens throughout the film.

Number of frames is 117430

Link to the video showing the problem is as follows:

I am using the QuVis 1.0.8 - (165) DCP player to test the DCP's, for which I only had access to for another few days before it expires.

I also checked the JPEG2000 files to see if this is occurring in the source frames and it is not. The frames for this segment and all others I can see are fine and do not contain random frames from elsewhere. This problem seems to be generating when the DCP is created.

I am using OpenDCP 0.30.0 with all standard default settings for the DCP creation. I am using a Mac with OS X 10.10.1.

Re: Video and audio scrambled at random places

You need to pad your filenames with leading 0's so that there is always at least one 0 in the sequence. So if you have say 15 frames, you need 3 digits for the sequence...


Re: Video and audio scrambled at random places

They already are. My first file starts out with

and ends with


Re: Video and audio scrambled at random places

and is there a leading zero in TAOWB_117529? It needs to be TAOWB_0117529.

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Re: Video and audio scrambled at random places

hey tmeiczin. this is what im facing to RIGHT NOW. now I got the reason why my Scene jumping randomly everywhere.. its all mess up.. but how do i add 0 to all of my images in 1 time? do i have to add 0 to my image 1 by 1 ???? and for the first frame do i need to add another 0 too ? from 0000 to 00000 ?

Re: Video and audio scrambled at random places

There are a bunch of file renaming tools you can use. Your the sequence must be the same number of digits. If you have say 1000 frames, it should be 00001.tif through 01000.tif.