Topic: DCP with no audio?

Hello everyone: 

I just registered yesterday, and am new to DCPs.  I have been creating large format sequences from NASA data of the sun and northern lights (4K-8K sequential tiff files), with the ultimate goal of Imax theaters.  I want to test project some of this work, so tried to make a DCP using OpenDCP.  All seems to go well up to the required audio files.  I have no audio, and am wondering if it is possible to make a DCP with no sound track - or can I put in some sort of dummy sound track?

I will appreciate any advice.


Re: DCP with no audio?

It is possible to create a DCP with no audio tracks, however, it is recommend to make black wav or silent tracks to match the picture duration.

Re: DCP with no audio?

do it with black wav or silent track as recomended,....I made a DCP with no audio and it did not work on some proyectors, then, I made it with a silent track and it works