Topic: Problem with color space after making a DCP

I just created a 20 minute DCP using OPEN DCP .  It was taken to a commercial theater and was successfully projected  on the screen. The picture was sharp, the audio was perfect and everything sunk up.  The one apparent problem was the color shifted to a greenish grey and color desaturated.  The projected picture looked like what you would see if you tried to view a TIFF or JPEG 2000 in  XYZ color space using a RGB monitor.  The projectionist thought that the sever or projector was incorrectly interpreting the XYZ color space.   This was the work flow for our video:
1. Project shot with RED MX camera 4K /16:9.

2. Edited project in Final Cut Pro X

3. Exported an XML file to DaVinci Resolve for color correction

4. Exported a ProRes 422 HQ file from DaVinci back to Final Cut Pro X

5. Added Titles and effects in Final Cut Pro X and exported a new ProRes 422 HQ file back to DaVinci

6. Exported an audio only (wav file) from Final Cut Pro X

7. Opened WAV file in Audacity (free audio program) and converted WAV stereo file to mono

8. Using OPEN DCP made a MXF file  from mono wav file

9. In Davinci converted PorRes 422 HQ file to TIFF 16 bit XYZ files.

10. In OPEN DCP converted TIFF files to JPEG 2000 files 

11. In OPEN DCP made video MFX from JPEG 2000 file

12. In OPEN  DCP created DCP using video and audio MFX files.

I'm extremely happy that I was able to make a DCP that worked using a theater projector.  Is there anything I should do to reinstate the color back to what it was originally?    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Problem with color space after making a DCP

You most likely did a double XYZ conversion... once in DaVinci and again with OpenDCP.

Re: Problem with color space after making a DCP

Thanks for the info and the quick response.   I will make sure that this next pass at making TIFFs will be 16 bit RGB.   Which actually raises another question.  DaVinci gives you two options RGB 16 bit or RGB 16 bit LZW compression.  Any idea what LZW compression is?  Can't seem to find it in the Resolve manual.  Can't wait to stop talking alphabet and get down to actual words.