Topic: Small enhancement

I would like to suggest some small features and fixes
1) importing image sequences with different name length (1.tif - 1234.tif) this could be very useful and avoid using third party file renamer
2) option for dpx log encoding disabled by default
3) an option to choose asset name instead of generated hexadecimal

Re: Small enhancement

1. This is required for ordering and good practice with file sequences. Filenames are treated a strings, not integers. This can result in the following order


This would obviously lead to frames being out of order.

2. I'll see what the most common value is.

3. If you mean the XML files, these must be auto-generated UUIDs to ensure uniqueness.

Re: Small enhancement

Thank you for the answer! I have written because I've used and appreciated openDCP.
I understand your arguments, I only suggested some improvement for usability!