Topic: Features and applicability..


first of all I want to congratulate you for this app, there is really nice work being done there.
I've been into DCP business for, although its an open standard but sw makers charge tons of money for their apps which really isn't that great in all aspects. also there is no real deal in the open source world that could make you rely on it for film productions.

I love your rebellious idea of making this app. I wish from all my heart (and pocket) that this app would compete with other commercial apps, and also out perform them.

I think the missing features are: (I'm NOT saying you've done anything wrong or mediocre, I know it takes time and money to get there)

enhanced user interface (more user friendly gui)
Asset management interface so I can recompile DCPs from MXFs etc, so I can fix dcp packages without making them all over again.
Multi-Reel DCP creation
GPU CUDA or OpenCL acceleration for JPEG2000 encoding and help it to be the fastest in world. (I also going to this app on a 20-core machine and see if this is really needed)
GUI Subtitling tool that takes most used sub formats, FCP XML, SRT, etc. allowing for adjustments of timing and format.
Batch processing for all stages.
KDM management/generation

from business perspective I need to know when? and how much?
I know many people who can back this up if those two question were answered..


Re: Features and applicability..

Thank-you for the feedback. Multi-reel has been something on the to-do list for awhile as well as having a simple mode for the GUI. Unfortunately, as with many free/open-source projects, having the time to work on them is a big part of things.

The JPEG2000 encoding is dependent upon the existing libraries and there are a limited number of them. There is a GPU accelerated project in development and if/when that is completed I will look to integrate it into OpenDCP. The other option is to license a commercial encoder, but would add significant cost to OpenDCP.

There are numerous GUI subtitling tools, some of which can write to DCI specifications. This is not really within the scope of a DCP application.

OpenDCP itself, supports encryption for use with KDMs, but the actual generation of KDMs themselves are not suited for OpenDCP. That would really be a separate application.